4Friends Referrals FAQs

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What is the 4Friends referrals program?
You’ll receive a $25 VISA gift card for each qualified friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or complete stranger you refer to us who uses your unique referral link and enrolls with us. Your referral will also receive a $25 VISA gift card. Your link can be found here. See below for more details.

How does a referral qualify and how much does 4Change Energy award for referrals?
We’ll send you and your referral each a $25 VISA gift card once your referral has paid their second invoice in full.

Is there a limit to how many people can sign up using my link?
Nope! The gift cards are unlimited. You may give your unique referral link to as many people as you like. Refer enough friends and your electricity may be free. For more information, click here.

How do I know if someone used my 4Friends referrals link to enroll?
You’ll receive a thank-you email from us within 48 hours of your referral using your link to enroll.

Can I still get my referral bonus if my friend forgets to use my link?
No. Unfortunately, the only way we have of tracking referrals is through your link.

When will I receive my gift card once my friend enrolls?
Once we have received payment in full on your referral’s second invoice, you’ll most likely see the $25 VISA gift card in the mail 30 to 60 days later.

When will I receive my gift card if I was referred by a friend?
Once you have paid your second invoice in full, we’ll send you a $25 VISA gift card in the next few weeks. This typically happens around 75 days after you enroll, but it can take longer depending on your billing cycle.

What electricity plans can my referrals choose from?
Referrals may choose from a wide variety of plans and rates designed to fit their needs.

What if I leave 4Change Energy before I get my gift card?
Unfortunately, you will not receive a gift card. Since referrals are not redeemable for cash, we must be able to send gift cards to a customer with an active account.

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