Billing Charges FAQs

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Where can I find my current balance or bill?
You’ll see your current balance immediately after you log in. To view your detailed bill, simply click on View Most Recent Bill.

If I feel that I was incorrectly charged for usage, what do I do?
Getting billed for incorrect usage is extremely rare. Often times, spikes in usage are due to change in temperature, out of town guests, or using appliances more often than usual. However, if you feel your meter reading is inaccurate, you may contact us to have your TDU re-read it. See the next question.

How do I request a new meter read?
Simply email us at so we can pass along your request to your local TDU. If they did misread the meter, the re-reading service will be free. However, if the TDU determines that the original reading was correct, the TDU may charge you a fee for the service consistent with their tariff.

What are the TDU delivery charges?
These are charges assessed by your local TDU for the delivery of electricity to you over poles and wires and other TDU facilities. This charge is passed on to you without mark up and has already been included in the average price you pay per kilowatt hour. You can think of it like a shipping or delivery charge when you order something online. See your TOSA for more details.

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