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When will I receive my first bill from 4Change Energy?
Your first bill will be delivered by email no later than 35 days after your service starts. Occasionally, first bills are delivered almost immediately after service begins, but it is always triggered when your TDU reads your meter.

If you think you missed it, check your spam folder or log in to your account to check your bill. You may also want to add to your Safe Senders list.

How is my due date determined?
Your TDU reads the meter at your address each month and sends a report to us with your usage. We generate a bill immediately after receiving your usage report. Your due date is 16 days after your bill is issued. See next question.

Keep in mind that your due date may vary slightly from month to month. Even if your bill was due on the 15th last month, your bill could be due on a different day the following month.

Why are my due date and EZ Pay draft dates different?
We draft your EZ Pay payment 12 days after your bill is issued and 4 days before the due date listed on your bill. This helps you avoid late fees. If the first draft is not successful for any reason, we will attempt to draft one time each day until your due date. A late fee will be assessed if we haven’t received payment by your due date.

Can I change my bill due date?
No. Your bill due date is determined by the date that your TDU reads your meter. We do not have control over when that happens.

How do I make a payment on my account?
People love options. Here are yours:

  • Sit back, relax, and let EZ Pay draft automatically.
  • Log in to your account online and click Pay My Bill before your EZ Pay draft date. People like this option because it allows them to make manual payments around payday.
  • Call us at (855) 784-2426 and follow the prompts to use our automated telephone payment system.

What are my payment options?
We accept Visa or MasterCard—credit or debit cards—via online payment.

How do I view my detailed bill?
After receiving an email saying your bill is ready, simply login to your account online and click View Most Recent Bill.

Can I view my billing history?
Yes. Log in to your account, and then click on the dropdown menu on your usage graph to view previous bills.

Can I make more than one payment in a month?
Yes. You can make up to 5 manual payments a month by logging in to your account. If you make more than 5 manual payments in a single month you will be charged up to $4.95 for each additional payment.

How long does it take a bill payment to process?
If you use EZ Pay, pay online or by phone, it will be processed immediately upon receipt. Any other form of payment will result in additional processing time.

What if I forget to pay my bill?
All customers are setup on our EZ Pay automatic billing system at enrollment, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your due date.

I didn't receive my bill. What do I do?
We do not email your actual bill to you. You’ll receive an email letting you know that your bill is ready to view online and how much is due.

I didn’t receive my bill. Can you waive my late fee?
No. You will receive an email every month stating how much is due and that your bill is ready to view online. It is your responsibility to either view the email or log in to our website to view your total amount due.

A late fee is only assessed if your card declines for any reason and we don’t receive your payment by the due date. To avoid late fees, it is your responsibility to update your payment information or make a manual payment before your bill is due.

Is receiving my bill electronically safe/secure?
We don’t email your actual bill to you. We’ll send a very basic email stating the amount due and that your bill is available to view online. Your full bill is accessible after logging in to your secure account.

Can I have a bill mailed to me?
If you insist on killing trees, we can certainly mail your bill to you. However, we may charge a one-time e-Docs Breakage Fee of up to $19.95 for not having e-Docs properly established on your account at the time of bill generation if your plan requires e-Docs. We strongly urge you to remain on e-Docs.

Why is my bill so much higher this month?
Your usage fluctuates each month, and you may not even realize that you used more power. Most high bills occur during the hot summer months or during unexpected winter freezes. It could also be a combination of things, such as running your appliances more often than usual, having company in from out of town, letting your kids control the thermostat, or leaving windows open for too long.

Fortunately, you can view your usage by month by logging into your account online. You’ll notice right away if your electricity usage spikes or drops, and then you can adjust your usage going forward.

How do I lower my electric bill?
Honestly, your best bet is to stay on a term plan that offers a fixed rate.

The other obvious answer is to use less electricity. Keep your thermostat at a higher—yet comfortable—temperature during the summer; like 78 rather than 72. Your large appliances also use a lot of power, so try to start the dishwasher or dryer only when they’re full. Don’t forget to check for cracks or seals that are letting outside air in; you’ll want to patch those immediately.

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